About Us

Qingdao Focus on Color Industry & Trade Company is located in Qingdao city, near Qingdao port, supplying LCD thermometers, photochromic products, thermochromic products, fragrant products, magic stationery etc.

1. LCD Thermometer Series: Forehead Thermometer, Bath Thermometer, Room Thermometer, Milk Bottle Thermometer, Aquarium Thermometer, Wine Thermometer, Urine Thermometer, and Clothes Thermometer etc. 2. Photochromic Products Series: UV Test Card, UV Activated Color Changing Mirror, UV Color Changing Bracelet, UV Color Changing Sticker etc.

3. Thermochromic Products Series: Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Spoon, Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Cup, Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Sticker etc.

4. Fragrant Products Series: Scratch and Sniff Sticker, Fragrant Book, Air Freshener etc.

5. Glow in the dark Products Series: Glow in the dark Sticker, Glow in the dark Cups, Glow in the Dark Notebook etc.



  • LCD Thermometer LCD Thermometer

    Liquid crystal made with different formulations, the phase transition temperature is different, when its phase change

  • Baby Shower Thermometer Baby Shower Thermometer

    Newborn baby can take a bath, but give the baby a bath must pay attention to a little skill. Before bathing

  • Color Change Product Line Color Change Product Line

    UV test card, UV discoloration mirror, UV color bracelet, UV color paste, temperature-sensitive color changing spoon

  • Color Change Cup Color Change Cup

    Color change cup, also known as magic cup. That is, the cup is filled with hot / cold water, the cup will change