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Color Cup printing process
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Currently used material cup processed into color cup, basically one of three methods: 1, direct printing; 2, water transfer; 3, thermal transfer. These three processes to processing.

1, direct printing: refers to the direct printing on the cup with a roller printing machine, this technology is technically difficult, the general factory can only print one to three colors, if you meet the requirements of high set, many colors can not do anything, but Powerful factory can overprint up to 20 colors without taking the place, this technology is only suitable for small batch production, low efficiency. Can only print color patches, printing photos effect is very difficult.

2, water transfer: Is the first printing machine in the water transfer printing paper, so you can print a rich color, the same can also be large quantities

Production, but the environmental requirements are relatively high, the printing environment requires constant temperature and humidity, in order to ensure printing accuracy, the printed water transfer paper on the water, the pattern and paper separation, the pattern transferred to the cup baking finished product. The following Christmas discoloration cup belongs to this kind of craft.

3, thermal transfer: the same water transfer printing process is basically the same, the thermal transfer printing paper is completed by the machine heating and pressure transfer to the cup body, water transfer color cup production, reposting the pattern all rely on people Manual operation, while thermal transfer is by machine

Automated processing, so a modern color cup factory, with color pigment production lines, automatic printing production lines and automatic thermal transfer decal production lines, is the strongest competition strength embodiment.