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UV color bracelet
- Jan 29, 2018 -

UV color bracelet, the sun / UV light sensitive color change area, the absorption of sunlight / ultraviolet energy and produce color change, when the loss of sunlight / ultraviolet radiation, that is, back to the original color. The product can quickly and accurately measure the UV radiation within 10 seconds under the sun's illumination. The current UV intensity is displayed in color, which is intuitive and obvious, giving you unexpected results.

1. Through the prediction of UV intensity to help you arrange outdoor activities according to the intensity of the sun's UV rays, will not be due to excessive UV rays affect the health of the skin;

2. In outdoor activities measure the intensity of sunlight UV, at any time to remind you according to the change of sunlight UV intensity and the current sunshine UV intensity to adapt to the protective measures;

3. Through the measurement of the sun's UV intensity as a daily reference for shades of sunscreen makeup, both sunscreen make-up to prevent ultraviolet light burns the skin, but also because of sunscreen makeup is too thick and affect the face!

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