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Baby Shower Thermometer
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Newborn baby can take a bath, but give the baby a bath must pay attention to a little skill. Before bathing, clean clothes and diapers should be prepared first, room temperature controlled at 24 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, the water temperature should be close to the newborn's body temperature or about 37.5 ℃. Bath time to the baby should not be too long, if the baby soaked in water for a long time, especially dry skin baby, dehydrated skin easily, will increase the dry skin. At the same time, bubble too long will make the outermost stratum corneum water softening, reducing the skin's resistance. Even if the baby loves to play with water, it is best not to let his bath time exceed 10 minutes. After the bath should be promptly replenished Moisture: Baby bath end, 5 to 10 minutes later, it is best to drink about 50 ml of water for the baby, for the baby, bathing is a "big exercise", timely replenishment of water. In short, giving babies a bath requires skill, keeping babies clean, and noting babies' physical conditions where water temperature is critical.

Baby shower thermometer Small and exquisite appearance, with sealed waterproof features, can be placed in the bathtub or pool water temperature measurement.

● Measure and display the water temperature

Baby shower thermometer

● Temperature measurement range 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Sealed waterproof design

● use ----- water temperature measurement

Baby bath thermometer is a good helper baby care parents!