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Identify The Merits Of Color-changing Lenses
- Jan 29, 2018 -

According to the change of sunlight intensity, the color changing mirror will automatically change the color to protect the eyesight, improve the sense of beauty and reduce the irritation and damage to the eye caused by sunlight and ultraviolet light. In the purchase of color lens, only choose the right color instead of selecting high-quality lenses is not acceptable. The market sells a lot of inferior glasses, a pair of unprocessed glasses and unqualified inspection, wear will make you see the distortion of the image distortion, consumption of vision, eye fatigue, induce various eye diseases.

(1) high quality discoloration glasses lens surface, without any scratches, abrasions, matte, pitting, the lens oblique light observation, high finish. No speckles inside the lens, stones, stripes, bubbles, cracks, bright light.

(2) discoloration glasses Two lenses must be the same color without difference lenses, discoloration should be uniform, can not show several colors, no "yin and yang," a see sunlight, discoloration time, no sunlight, the fade time is fast. Poor lens discoloration slow, fast fade, or change fast, fade slowly. The worst discoloration glasses do not change color.

(3) discoloration mirror thickness of two lenses should be consistent, not a thick one thin, otherwise, it will affect vision, damage to eye health. Monolithic thickness should be uniform, if it is discoloration flat lenses, the thickness of about 2mm is appropriate, clean edges.

(4) wearing no feeling, do not feel dizzy, observe the object is not fuzzy, no deformation. When you buy, hand glasses, monocular through the lens to see objects in the distance, shaking the lens up and down, far away objects should not move illusion.

(5) fast discoloration: high-quality color mirror, the environment has a faster response capacity, the color mirror placed in sunlight for about 10 minutes, that is, should reach the maximum color depth, or poor quality discoloration. Will have under the fluorescent light color glasses moved to the dark, the lens time of not more than 20 minutes for the high-quality color lens.

(6) protective, high-quality color-changing lens, capable of blocking 100% of UVA UV B, wearing glasses to provide the most effective UV protection.

Meet the above requirements of the color lens is top grade.