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UV Discoloration Mirror
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Also known as anti-sun glasses.

Mainly used for open field, snow, indoor strong light workplace, to prevent sunlight, ultraviolet light, glow glow eye damage.

The lens is made of optical glass containing silver halide micro-crystals. According to the reversible reaction principle of light color, it can rapidly darken under the irradiation of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, fully absorb the ultraviolet light and absorb the visible light neutrally. When it returns to the dark place, Quick recovery colorless and transparent. The photochromic properties of the lens are permanently reversible.

The function of glasses is nothing more than two, one is to correct vision, so that people can see the distance or near the scene, the other is to reduce the strong light on the glasses to stimulate, and thus play a role in protecting the eyes. The former is borne by myopia or hyperopia and the latter by sun glasses.

With the development of science and technology, people now invented a collection of two functions in one glasses - color glasses.

Such glasses in the outdoor (or sunlight) strong light exposure, the lens color will gradually darken, can protect glasses from strong light stimulation; Into the room, the light weakened, the lens color gradually lighten, to ensure the normal observation of the scene .