How Do You Get Kids To Go To The Potty!


How do I get my child to get rid of the diaper and go to the potty is a problem many mothers have. We collected a few questions from mothers:

"Drop Some tips to begin making my 20 months old baby potty train."

"My daughter will be 3 in March and we've been potty training for 7 months. It has been a roller coaster! She will go a week without peeing in her pullup, then will have a day with tons of accidents. She doesn't usually tell us when she has to pee, and still refuses to poop on the potty. Any advice?"

"Hi all, my 3 year old is toilet trained. So now how to teach self cleaning AND my 17 months keeps asking me to put her on the toilet seat every time she sees her brother but doesn't have a real understanding so how do I help her. Any ideas plz???"

Potty training is a problem that many parents face. How to teach children to go to the potty? The best way to teach kids to go to the toilet is to get them interested.

We have a product, maybe you could spend a few minutes getting to know this product. It is the thermochromic sticker, Now the product is popular with sellers and mothers. The color of the sticker is black when the liquid in contact is below the temperature of the sticker, and the color of the sticker changes when a liquid above the temperature of the sticker is poured on the sticker.

When your child won't go to the potty, you can tell her/him: Hey baby, do you want to see a small car or a small bear? It's hidden in your pee bowl. Let's conjure it up together! When your child has finished peeing, you can point to the pattern and say: Oh, my baby, you are so great! You did a magic trick for mom! Interest and appropriate encouragement make children more likely to go to the potty.

This product can be reused: When the sticker meets a warm liquid, it changes from black to color. When the sticker hits cold water, the sticker changes color to black. And the surface of the sticker is smooth and easy to clean.

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This is the water sensitive color changing sticker. It differs from thermochromic in that it is not affected by the temperature of the liquid. The color of the sticker changes from white to color. The color of the sticker changes to color when it encounters a liquid. When the sticker becomes dry, the color of the sticker will return to white.