Wait For Delivery


Dear all,

We have finished our Chinese New Year holiday!

The production and delivery work is ready and well underway.About customers who placed orders before the holidays, the production work has been all arranged, and the products are in orderly production.

Because the express delivery will be off before the holiday, part of the goods cannot be delivered,After the resumption of work, we have also arranged for express delivery, they are now ready to go.

About the package, We choose standard export cartons with no other printing on the outside (unless the customer has special requirements and needs to customize the box with shipping marks)

Products Will Be Neatly Packed In Cartons:

Customized boxes with shipping marks according to customer requirements.

Some customers are worried that the boxes will be damaged during transportation because of the distance. We will wrap the box with plastic film to prevent the boxes from being knocked against during transportation.

Before shipment, we will check the weight and dimensions of the cases and make careful notes.Then we will send it to the express company.We will send the logistics number to the customer after the express company gives it to ensure that the customer can check the logistics information and receive the goods in time.