Visible Temperature - Interpret Thermal Discoloration Products


In recent years, as living standards have improved, more and more attention has been paid to how to raise children scientifically, and feeding babies is a highly skilled job.


The temperature of food is very key for the baby. Overheated food is easy to burn the baby, and too cold food is easy to cause diarrhea. If you taste it in person, it is not only easy to bring the bacteria in the mouth of adults, but also the control of temperature is not accurate.


Thermochromic products are a kind of products that can sense temperature and indicate the temperature range of food through the change of color. This product has been widely welcomed by baby parents.


When this kind of product comes into contact with the food over a certain temperature (generally 40℃~43℃), it will produce the discoloring effect, so as to remind  Dad and Mom the food is too hot, not suitable for the baby to eat.


Thermal discoloration material is currently on the market wide application field of a new type of functional materials, such as thermal discoloration spoon, cup, bottle, milk storage bag, infants and young children with color changing bowl, because infants and young children on food temperature sensitivity is stronger, and unable to express themselves, so at present this kind of product are mostly in the baby products.

BPA Free Cold Color Changing Yogurt Spoon will change color when the temperature is changed. There are two types Hot sensitive and cold sensitive color changing spoon available which can help parents solve the problem of feeding.