Reusable Liquid Crystal Forehead Temperature Strip


Reusable Liquid Crystal Forehead Temperature Strip takes no trouble reading a quick forehead thermometer. Ideal for checking fever temperatures in infants, toddlers, children and adults. Best reusable travel thermometers for purses, diaper bags or pockets.


Check your child's temperature without worrying. Unlike traditional uncomfortable probe thermometers, ours is a pleasant way to read fever. Just put it on your forehead to get Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Quick access to important information - just 15 seconds to read. When you need urgent information about your baby's fever, you don't want to wait. Our thermometers are not only gentle for children, but also very fast - color display can change in 15 seconds!


No fluids = Super safe. Unlike traditional internal thermometers, our 100% external thermometers do not come into contact with body fluids to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They are also easy to clean for added safety!


Reusable thermometers are durable and save time and money. Unlike cheap sticker thermometers that need to be replaced, our Worry free thermometers can be cleaned and reused year after year. They are perfect for your family first aid. kit!