Liquid Crystal Thermometers


These self-adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing a microencapsulated thermochromic liquid crystal, TLC, coated on a black substrate. When the rated temperature is reached, the color of each element changes significantly.

Color changes at digital temperatures are reversible through the color sequence of the spectrum (orange, yellow, green, blue, and then black at higher temperatures. Calibrate the TLC bar so that the indicator light showing green indicates the actual temperature. The color change is reversible, and upon cooling, the reflected colors are observed in the opposite order.

Digi-temp EZ monochromatic changes are reversible, which means that when the temperature reverses, the reflected color achieved and maintained will turn black. Thermochromic monochromatic change (EZ) tags can rise or fall, i.e. the temperature from black to color increases or the temperature from black to color decreases.

Temperature-sensitive elements contain temperature-sensitive TLC molecules whose arrangement changes with temperature. This change in molecular geometry affects the way TLC interacts with light, resulting in color changes for each temperature event. When the indicator's rated temperature is reached, the TLC form changes from reflective (color) to non-reflective (black) or vice versa. This causes the color to change during temperature events.