What is the best gift to give a student?


As a parent or teacher, do you often have trouble choosing gifts for your children on special occasions?Before choosing the right gift, we seem to have seen the child's happy and excited face when receiving the gift.
Today to recommend a magical notebook, not only practical but also very creative, it is a notebook that can change color.

Almost everyone uses a notebook to keep track of people and things around them. It's nice to have a fun and novel notebook. This notebook is a PU Color Changing Notebook, which can change color according to the ambient temperature and can be reused, If you must use a notebook, consider this color-changing notebook to add a little color and fun to your life.

This A4 A5 A6 PU Color Changing Notebook can change color, The Leather Notebook are composed of thermochromic coating that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the Leather goes from one color to another color (hand touching). The color returns to original color as the Leather is cooled down.

Ideal for all office, school and home use including for taking notes and keeping work in order, as a diary or journal for brainstorming ideas, creative writing or just doodling and drawing to your hearts content.