The Benefit of Meat Thermometers


Whether you're a home cook or an experienced cook, these are the best tools to cook meat perfectly every time. There's nothing worse than overcooked meat, which can easily be overcooked depending on how it's cut. When cooking, it's best to make sure our roast or poultry is perfect. If you don't want to cut raw chicken, there are several ways to check that the meat is evenly cooked. The most foolproof method, however, is to use a meat thermometer.

A meat thermometer allows you to check your progress and relax when things get hectic around the kitchen or grill. While professional cooks sometimes cook with their hands, a small thermometer in their jacket pocket is essential for cooking meat accurately each time. We researched the most popular meat thermometers to find the perfect choice for every home cook's needs.

Every chef would love to have this device in their front pocket. Its main features are speed and accuracy -- it can give the temperature in a second to within half a degree Fahrenheit. The probe is standard length and flips 180 degrees from extension to storage. It can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

The new interface has an internal accelerometer that allows the screen to look up from any angle. The body is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, meaning it can handle the messiest tasks in the kitchen and grill, and can be washed by hand. It has woken up and automatic shutdown, so the battery lasts longer.

It is very affordable and is often loved by chefs and home cooks. The backlit display is easy to read from a distance, and while it turns on and reads at a slightly slower temperature, it's nearly equal in accuracy and durability.