How to Choose Baby Thermometers?


Buying or signing up for a digital thermometer for your baby is just as important as buying a car seat. It should ease your parental jitters to know that no thermometer or car seat is safer than another -- all thermometers or car seats must be up to standard before they can be sold.

The main difference between baby thermometers is where the body temperature is measured.

Rectal (anal) temperature is the most accurate and is recommended for checking for fever in infants under 3 months of age.

The temperature of the forehead was measured using temporal artery or infrared non-contact thermometers.

Ear temperature is accurate - if thermometer is used properly - for infants 6 months and older. Don't try to give your baby an oral body temperature until he or she is 4 years old or older.

The thermometer has some features that make it easier to use when your baby is small, when you're sick, or when you're on the go. During COVID-19, you might also see how easy it is to clean and store thermometers to reduce the risk of bacteria.