How To Use Baby Bath Water Temperature Test Card?


Many parents with young children will prepare a baby bath for their baby. There are many kinds of baby baths on the market. There are inflatable ones, there are folding ones, there are plastic ones, which is good. So, how do you use a Baby Bath Water Temperature Test Card?

How do I use Baby Bath Water Temperature Test Card?

Babies' skin is very delicate, carelessly ironed how to do? So when taking a bath for the baby, the water temperature is very important. The adult's hand perception of temperature is not so accurate. There is a Baby Bath Water Temperature Test Card placed in the bath water, and you can know the temperature changes at any time, so that the baby will not be scalded or cold to the baby. First of all, before bathing your baby, you should prepare everything you need to bathe your baby: a small towel, a bath tub, a large bath towel, clean diapers and clothes, talcum powder, butt cream, etc. Make sure the place is warm enough and the water temperature is moderate. Use mild baby shampoo and body wash, or not.

Secondly, the first time to take a bath for the baby to relax, believe that they can give the baby a clean bath. Take a bath in the process must keep calm, hand to help steady baby, beware of a slipping baby falling into the bathtub.   Paying special attention to, you absolutely can't leave the baby alone in the bathtub. Whether it's the phone rings or the doorbell rings, if you must leave the bathroom is short, be sure to put the baby in a bath towel and together out of the bathroom, don't leave a baby alone in the bathtub, prevent drowning baby. Sometimes the accident is a matter of a minute or two, new parents must take good care of the baby.

What should I pay attention to when using a baby bath?

1. When using the washing basin to bathe the baby, the water temperature should be designed to be about 38~40℃, which may hurt the baby if the water temperature is too high.

2. In order to wash the baby's hair more comfortable, please put a soft towel on the head.

3. Pay attention to safety: no matter what kind of baby bath for the baby, do not let the baby in the tub in the case of no one to stay, even if there is a non-slip bath bed that can strengthen the baby bath safety products, also can not be careless.

4. Do a good job of preparation: before taking a shower, we should prepare everything we need to use in advance.

5. Emergency: If someone knocks on the door or the phone rings in the bath and you have to answer it or answer it, wrap the baby in a bath towel.

6. Never put your baby in the tub when you pour water into it. Because in the process of releasing water, water temperature and water height will change. Until the baby is 6 months old, only about 5-8 centimeters of water should be placed in the tub; For older babies, don't bathe above their waists (while sitting).

7. When pouring water into the tub, cold water should be put first, and then hot water.

8. Do not use hard objects to clean the tub, so as not to scratch the cleaning basin table.