How To View A Fish Tank Sticker Thermometer?


Green is the current temperature, brown is imaginary, and blue is imaginary.

The liquid crystal can produce red, green, blue and other color changes in a specified small temperature range, and different colors correspond to different temperatures. As the temperature returns, so does the color.

Sticker thermometer: This is a reusable paper pressed on your forehead that changes color based on your body temperature. It's too small to accurately measure your body temperature, but it's handy to carry around when you're traveling.

Filter material introduction:

Fish tank filter is used for water purification and oxygen replenishment devices in fish farming equipment. Its purpose is: to remove water excrement and other dirt, keep water clear, adequate oxygen, no harmful substances, no pollution, suitable for the growth of fish. The fish tank has a good filtration device, in order to raise good fish and less water change.

Using closed external filtration, there will be many filter materials in the filter barrel. The filter material itself has about "physical filtration", "chemical filtration" and "biological filtration" three functions.

Physical filtration: mainly using mesh, and wool, to remove the larger debris in the water.

Chemical filtration: the use of activated carbon adsorption, removal of water turbidity caused by organic matter and fish excreta.

Biofiltration: The use of microorganisms on the surface of the filter material, or the activity of protozoa, to develop beneficial microorganisms for normal growth.